Comparing the Zachman Framework, TOGAF and MoDAF

Enterprise Architecture was introduced to address system complexity and poor business alignment. Typically: IT systems have become unmanageably complex or too costly to maintain IT systems are hindering an organisations ability to respond to market conditions in a timely and cost-effective manner Mission-critical information is out of date or incorrect Zachman Framework In 1987, Zachman […]

User Centred Design with Personas – Bringing People into the Picture

Alan Cooper’s publication The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, published in 1998 introduced personas a design tool for interactive applications. Personas gained popularity across the software industry due to their effectiveness in elicitation of user requirements and needs for a system. Personas are fictional characters that represent a segment of the target market for an […]

The effects of the fall in oil price on the US shale market

Since June 2014, the price of oil┬áhas fallen over 60% to about $50 per barrel of Brent Crude. This reduction in price to below the commodity’s pre 2008 value has has had a number of political, financial and economic effects; especially on the US shale market. The classic model of supply and demand provides an […]

Simple PWM Controller

The PWM controller I designed makes use of a 2-bit Johnson counter to generate an A and B wave form as shown below The output wave form has similar properties to a Gray Code, where it can be seen by inspection that only 1 bit changes per clock cycle making it ideal as the basis […]

Static (Lexical) vs Dynamic Scoping – Programming Languages and Compilers

All programming languages allow names to be associated with values by means of definitions, and a name is said to be in the ‘scope’ of its definition. When a name is mentioned in a program, its dentition (if any) must be known, in order for its ‘invocation’ to make sense. However, most languages allow names […]